Review: The 35th Foshan CeramBath Fair

Oct.China Ceramic City2020-12-24

As Asian’s biggest ceramic and bathroom exhibition, Foshan International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair (short for CERAMBATH) ushers its 35th session on October 18-21, 2020.

Gathering 800 leading brands of ceramic tiles and bathroom products, CeramBath is regarded as the top trade window and become significant communication platform for ceramic and bathroom industry.

Huaxia Venue

Brand 1: QD Ceramics 

Brand 2: Elizabeth Ceramics 

Brand 3: SK International Ceramic 

Brand 4: JLA Ceramics 

Brand 5: WangjiaJichuang Graphene Heating Furniture 

Brand 6: Jabest Ceramics

China Ceramics City Venue

Brand 1: Tosheshi Ceramics 

Brand 2: Color Master Ceramics 

Brand 3: Pacaya Ceramics 

Brand 4: Zossen Bathroom 

Brand 5: Jingzun Bathroom 

Brand 6: Langdeng Bathroom

if anyone who has interest in brands in the show, contact us and get catelog and contacts. Our whatsapp/wechat: +86 13326808500/ +86 18925942595